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Ankara Grill

Responsive WordPress Website for a Restaurant

Ankara Grill is a Continental Grill Restaurant that offers a unique dining experience by serving healthy, authentic, and good quality food. TechnoSids was commissioned to design and develop a website for Ankara Grill, with the goal of increasing online visibility and driving more customers to the restaurant.


TechnoSids started the project by conducting a thorough analysis of Ankara Grill’s business and online presence. The team then worked closely with the restaurant’s owners to develop a website that reflected the restaurant’s brand and values.

The website was designed with a focus on user experience and mobile responsiveness. The team ensured that the website was easy to navigate, with clear calls-to-action that encouraged users to make reservations or order online.

TechnoSids also integrated a content management system (CMS) into the website, which allowed the restaurant’s staff to easily update menus and make other changes to the website as needed.

Final Result

The new website has had a significant impact on Ankara Grill’s online presence. The website’s mobile responsiveness has made it easier for customers to access the restaurant’s menu and make reservations on the go. The CMS has made it easier for the restaurant’s staff to keep the website up to date with the latest information.

Additionally, TechnoSids optimized the website for search engines, which has led to increased online visibility and traffic. This, in turn, has helped drive more customers to the restaurant.

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