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D2D Grocer

D2D Grocer

Multi-vendor Grocery Store Application

To solve the existing markup problem in grocery delivery prices presented by the e-commerce marketplace ecosystem, the client contacted Team Technosids to develop a commission-less grocery ordering and delivery app called D2D Grocer.

The basic idea was to let customers order from their nearby stores in a few easy steps: select a store, browse items, order, and track. The platform was also meant to help riders and store owners by not getting any commission.

Services Provided

Project Approach

The project was broken down into three pieces using a holistic approach: Customer App, Rider App, and Vendor App. Each one was given its own set of characteristics by the React and Laravel Developers. Super Admin, Admin, and Vendors (Shop Owners) all have access to a backend system that allows them to add, update, manage, and change the content. To connect all three apps, custom and third-party APIs were implemented.

Key Features

  • Delivery or Self Pickup Order

    People can buy groceries from their nearby stores, either deliver it to your place (home, office etc) or a self pickup to avoid delivery charges or long queues at the store.

  • Live Order Tracking

    Intuitive experience for order status tracking with a real-time delivery guy location and can even contact riders once an order is assigned to a rider by the system.

  • Advance Search

    Customers can use the advanced search feature to find their favourite stores and items with a trending list.

  • Tip System

    Tip System added to the cart page so that customers can add tips to the total amount for the rider.

  • Wallet System

    A wallet system for the customers to get refunds/ promotions directly into their wallets.

  • Admin/ Vendor Dashboard

    Admins/ Vendors can easily manage their stores (orders/ products /notifications etc) and customers using a scalable backend dashboard built with Laravel.

  • Extensive Report

    Admins can view reports related to riders, stores, most sold items, and customers.

  • Deliver and Earn

    People can sign up for the Rider App to earn more money by delivering grocery packages whenever they want by turning on/off their availability.

  • Rider Wallet

    The Rider App has a wallet section that displays earnings depending on successful orders and miles driven for deliveries.

Final Results

D2D Grocer has proven to be an effective solution to the existing markup problem in grocery delivery prices. Customers are able to order from nearby stores without having to pay any extra charges, while also benefiting the riders and store owners. The platform’s user-friendly interface and live order tracking system have also contributed to its popularity among users. The scalable backend dashboard has provided admins and vendors with an effective way to manage their stores and customers, and the extensive report system has provided them with valuable insights into their business operations. Overall, D2D Grocer has been a successful project that has helped solve a real-world problem in the e-commerce marketplace ecosystem.


Technologies Used


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