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Delhi Ke Kulche Chole

Responsive WordPress Website for a Restaurant

DKKC (Delhi Ke Kulche Chole) is a renowned street food, specializing in delicious and authentic kulche chole dishes. To address the challenges faced by DKKC in their online presence and customer engagement, they collaborated with Techosids, a leading website design and development company. This case study showcases how Techosids successfully designed and developed a user-friendly website for DKKC, resulting in enhanced online visibility, improved customer experience, and increased business growth.

Approach & Result

Techosids approached the DKKC Delhi Ke Kulche Chole website design and development project by understanding the specific challenges faced by the client. They focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased DKKC’s brand identity and delicious dishes. The website included intuitive navigation, an interactive menu, and a streamlined online ordering system. Techosids optimized the website for mobile devices and implemented SEO strategies to enhance online visibility. They also integrated social media links and customer testimonials to encourage customer engagement. The result was an enhanced online presence, improved customer experience, and increased business growth for DKKC.

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