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Mars LRC

The client faced an issue with remotely operated cars that had a poor video experience. The goal of the project was to develop a solution that could control the car’s camera and other features like car controls without experiencing lag or other issues. The project required the development of a mobile app that could integrate with the car’s hardware to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Services Provided

Project Overview

MarsLRC is a hybrid mobile app designed to provide a user-friendly experience for controlling a car’s camera and other electrical and mechanical features remotely. The app is aimed at overcoming the limitations of traditional remote control cars, such as laggy response times and poor communication between the car and controller. MarsLRC aims to provide smooth and responsive performance by utilizing advanced communication protocols and hardware integration to connect the car with the mobile app. This case study will discuss the development process of the MarsLRC app and the challenges faced during the project.

Services Provided

The services provided for the MarsLRC app development included app development, UI and UX executions, front-end and back-end development, hardware integration to connect the car with the remote control application, camera integration to provide live streaming and lag-less video, car starting and gear control, car accessories control, remote connection through WiFi or 4G, and cloud deployment.

Key Features

  • Remote control

    The app allows users to remotely start and stop their car, adjust the temperature, and control other features of the car, using their smartphone.

  • Live camera feed

    The app also features a live camera feed, allowing users to see a view of their car from their smartphone, and giving them greater visibility and control over their vehicle.

  • Vehicle tracking

    Mars LRC also includes vehicle tracking functionality using google maps, allowing users to track the location of their car in real-time.

  • User profiles

    Users can create profiles on the app, allowing them to save their favorite car settings and preferences, and to easily connect to their car's computer system.


The development of the MarsLRC app presented several challenges. One of the main challenges was developing an algorithm that could control the car through a mobile app using either 4G or WiFi. The team also had to think outside the box to develop an IoT-based remote control car application that would allow for an innovative user experience. The project required the team to push the boundaries of what is currently possible and be willing to take risks.


MarsLRC is an excellent example of how technology can be used to overcome the limitations of traditional remote control cars. The app provides a user-friendly experience for controlling the car’s camera and other features remotely. The project presented several challenges, but the team was able to develop an innovative solution by utilizing advanced communication protocols and hardware integration.

Technologies Used


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